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How does the ordering process?

Answer: You can order one or more products with the desired quantity in our webshop and place it in your shopping cart. When you want to order the concrete order, top right confirm by clicking on the shopping cart and checkout click on the red button.

You then enter your postal address to which we should send your order to go. Do not forget to mention also the number. Then choose the shipping method on the page (free by regular post, risk to you or paid by registered or package with track and trace code). Then choose the payment method. If you choose a bank transfer, you will receive within 24 hours an email with the required pay bank details. Mention your order number when paying what you get from us. Watch out! If you have a gmail email address / account has a software problem, we can not send the automatic confirmation email, you can always be on the safe release us send an email with your order number . Your order will be processed after payment, within 48 hours we will endeavor to have it sent to your order. Upon receipt of your payment we will confirm you via email from our shop, then the order with address label (with the entered address) printed (you must be sure that the padded mail address that you are correct and complete be). Your order is then packed for shipment within 24 hours and offered within 48 hours at for shipment. It is impossible for us to drive on the track and trace code directly within a day with every order so that you can track your order (if you have purchased an insured order). If you would like to track and trace code which we can send within 36 hours after sending your request via email.

Offers can also send cash on delivery to?

Answer: No, because we have had bad experiences with it, because many of these orders are not picked up, what time and involves costs. We are a reliable shop and always will neatly arrange your paid order. Anonymous payments via a payment with bitcoins.

Why do you offer no payment by Paypal?

Answer: Paypal is for these types of products through their system to any payment.

How can many of your products are so competitively priced compared to other shops in erection resources?

Answer: We buy directly from the producers, and in addition we make do with a smaller profit margin than other shops. There are several webshop you attract certain price lining, but does not have the intention to deliver products or provide a good service. We always deliver, and if something goes wrong which of course can always contact each company, we will correct the error, or refund your money back, if the fault lies with us.

Why did you so many different products in your shop?

Answer: Every person has a preference for using certain erection resources. With accustomed to a particular brand, or active ingredient in the drug, number mg or price count. We carry the most sold products in order that everyone can enjoy a good service and offerings. The fact is that every person in every state may react differently to an erection means. Where one swear to products with the active ingredient Sildenafil like Kamagra, Cenforce of Cobra, the other wants another product with the active ingredient Vardenafil as Valif or Vilitra. Other people have again preference for funds with Tadalafil as an active substance such as Cialis, Apcalis and Tadalis. And then, when using you every x the same erection means the operation is different because fatigue, what you eat or drink has and your lust for sex, drug use, etc. also affect whether a product good or times less working properly. We deliver quality products working. Your physical and mental condition also certainly play a role in the operation of an erection means.

I sometimes want to know if another agent and it works better than me what is recommended?

Answer: we have continued in our section superdeals cheap deals with different types of erection means a competitive price. Thus, you can try erection resources, and see what you can find a fine product. There are also customers who along with friends so order erection resources, and this mutually distribute or resell. The taboo against the use of erection means there are a lot of people off, since they know that many people use it who are otherwise healthy, but an erection means finding a nice security to perform well and long. Women are also often fine as their male sex partner a long time also have a harder erection. Eventually, the use of erection means more sexual pleasure for two!

I'd even use an erection means with more mg, but am afraid of side effects or that it is too heavy for me, what would you recommend?

Answer: If you are healthy and have no heart defects, there is no danger, and otherwise you can always consult your physician. The media are also hardly known cases in which the error was using one means erection during sex. You can always break a pill or a piece of it cut with eg a sharp potato peeler to see what a smaller amount of the pill do for you in terms of operation.

Do you deliver to other countries than the Netherlands?

Answer: Yes, in principle, we can send orders by mail to every country in the world provided you have entered a valid postal address, and you have paid in advance order tidy.