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Tadalafil for the treatment of men with erectile dysfunction. Thisis where a man can get an erection or can not maintain eenerectie long enough for successful intercourse.

Tadalafil belongs are referred to the group of medicines diefosfodiesteraseremmers of the type 5. Following sexual stimulation Tadalafil helps the blood vessels in the penis relax waardoorhet blood flow into your penis. This results in an improvement of uwerectie. Tadalafil does not work if you do not have erectile dysfunction.

It is important to note that Tadalafil does not work in the absence asunder sexual stimulation. You and your partner should know that foreplay is needed, just as you would if you were not taking a medicine for eenerectiestoornis.


Do not use Tadalafil:

- If you use medicines that contain organic nitrates ofstikstofmonoxide issue, such as amyl nitrite. These drugs are used for the treatment of angina pectoris (chest pain) .Tadalafil showed that the effects of these drugs are increased. Tell your doctor if you are taking a medicine that contains nitrates, or if you are unsure.

- If you have or have had a recent heart attack, severe heart problems.

- If you have recently had a stroke.

- If you have low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure is not under control.

- If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to tadalafil or any of the other ingredients of Tadalafil.

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